Protect yourself and your relatives

Protect yourself

and your relatives

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Information saves time and time saves lives

Information saves time

and time saves lives

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Creating its own medical profile has never been so easy and secure.

MED‘PROFILE is shared from the fingertip all around the world in case of emergency.

To save time and avoid medical complications and errors, physicians will need the medical history of a patient.
Within the frame of medical follow-up or emergency, my medical records are available in few seconds in several languages.

SwissMedBank Med'Profile Web

Med'profile Web

My internet access

With MED’PROFILE Web, I securely access my MED’PROFILE from any online computer, tablet or smartphone. I update my health information and upload in one click my medical reports, x-rays or prescriptions.

Med'profile Card

My biometric access

If I am unconscious or shocked, this is the only way a doctor or rescuer will access quickly my health information. It is my fingerprint which will open my profile on his computer.

This patented system fits in a card of the size of a credit card. It therefore is always in my wallet.  

Whether I edit my MED’PROFILE from my MED’PROFILE Web or my MED’PROFILE Card, the data are automatically synchronized. Thus I never lose them.


SwissMedBank Med'Profile Web

Med'Profile Card Video

My MED’PROFILE Card can save my life!

Easy to use

My MED’PROFILE is so easy to use that I can edit my profile myself. I can add any medical report, prescription or x-ray in 1 click. I can as well benefit from the Plus services of SWISS MEDBANK.

Highly secure

All my data are highly protected on the secure servers of SWISS MEDBANK in Switzerland, and each data is fully encrypted according to e-banking technologies, the European Directive 95/46 and the Swiss Data Protection Act.

So international

Since MED’PROFILE is multilingual, I can share it with a physician in English, French, Spanish, Italian or German. Its automatic translation system speaks for myself and the doctor understands my profile in few seconds.

A Simple and Secure Process


If necessary, I collect any information that may have importance for a doctor (reports, images...)


It is so easy. So I can edit my MED'PROFILE myself or contact the doctor who suggested it to me.

Travel safe

Now, I can go anywhere in full piece of mind with my MED'PROFILE Card in my wallet.

The plus

Additionnal personalized services for more comfort

24/7 Medical Assistance

The partner doctors of SWISS MEDBANK are at my disposal 24/7 by video-conference, chat or telephone. Instantly accessing my MED’PROFILE, they provide me with the adapted medical advice regarding my profile and the situation. This service is operated by Swiss Med Call.


If I want, I can forward my medical records to the team of doctors and benefit from a support to update my MED’PROFILE. This service is operated by Swiss Med Call


Alan T. (Australie)
J'ai 68 ans maintenant et commence à avoir de nombreux médicaments à prendre chaque jour dû à mes traitements. Mais ca ne m'empêche pas de voyager grâce à MED'PROFILE.
Karl W. (Suisse)
Je suis diabétique depuis 6 ans, et j'ai décidé de me construire mon dossier médical en quelques minutes avec MED'PROFILE. Je peux le suivre, le modifier et y accéder quand je veux.
Harold A. (USA)
Je voyage régulièrement pour mon travail, et je suis toujours serein du fait d'avoir ma MED'PROFILE Card dans mon portefeuille, accessible du bout des doigts.
Julien D. (France)
J'utilise MED'PROFILE depuis de nombreuses années en tant que sportif professionnel. La MED'PROFILE Card m'a aidé à 3 reprises lorsque je me suis blessé. Je l'ai toujours avec moi!

Our partners

Avicenna Telecare
Angell's Groupe Médical
BNP Paribas
Fair Future Foundation
Custom Assurance Placements

SWISS MEDBANK provides its technologies and services to  partners within the framework of specific Programs. 

About us

SWISS MEDBANK is a Swiss company located in the heart of the Health Valley, between Geneva and Lausanne.
Since 2012, SWISS MEDBANK constantly develops and markets technologies and services for the safety of each individual. Our mission is to facilitate the access to each individual’s health information to physicians around the world in the fastest and unique secure way.

SWISS MEDBANK is represented abroad with its offices in the USA, in India and Bangladesh, as well as through its network of partners which are experts in their sector of activity in several countries.



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